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About Joe & Joe Video

Joe Kaminski

Surprising some who perceived the era of the video rental store to be over, industry veteran Joe Kaminski purchased struggling “All Star Video” in Santa Rosa in August of 2005. And in March 2006, he completed the purchase of “Box Office Video” in Santa Rosa's Bennett Valley. After an intensive makeover plus the addition of many new titles and categories, this second location is enjoying great feedback from both new and long-established customers.

“Given All Star's good location but limited offerings, I saw a lot of potential to turn All Star Video around. I made the commitment to create something impressively unique with good value; a place I’d be proud to put my name on,” says Joe. "And now, I hope to improve upon that with the acquisition of Box Office Video."

In addition to nearly tripling the selection of regular movies at each store, adult movie rentals and sales were also added in response to the many requests for adult movies received by customers.

In fact, acting upon customer requests is something Joe takes great pride in.

"Any time anyone asks for a title that we don't have, we immediately check its availability and buy it. Instant and personal response to customers is one of the many advantages we have over big chains."

“It’s been a big investment, but the response from customers so far has been great! There’s still a lot we’ re working on to make this the best independent video store possible, but it feels like we’re well on our way.”

Joe's experience in the home video industry includes six years as Vice President and General Manager of Bradley Video (1994-2002) and eight years as Marketing Director for Eastman Video, which was purchased by Hollywood Video in 1994 in a sale that was reported as the highest sales price per store paid for a regional chain in the history of the video industry.

In 2002, Joe joined Face to Face/Sonoma County's AIDS Network as Director of Prevention & Education, a position he held until March 2006 when the demands of running two stores was clearly stretching him a bit thin. Joe now serves Face to Face as both a board member and prevention program volunteer. Towards that end, Joe Video held a promotion in early 2006 for the April release of Brokeback Mountain that raised over $1,600 for Sonoma County HIV/AIDS service organizations Face to Face and Food For Thought.

Stony Point Road
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Our Yulupa Avenue store is no longer open.

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