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Tuesday, June 5

  • All Between Us (NR) Comedy/Romance
  • Altered Perception (NR) Sci-Fi/Thriller
  • Astro (NR) Sci-Fi/Thriller
  • The Awesomes: Complete Serries (NR) TV
  • The Dating Project (NR) Documentary
  • Death Wish (R) Crime/Drama
  • Delirium (R) Horror/Thriller
  • Devil's Gate (NR) Horror/Thriller
  • Every Day (PG13) Drama/Romance
  • Freak Show (NR) Studio Q/Drama
  • Great Silence (1968) (NR) Classic/Western
  • Gringo (R) Action/Comedy
  • Hooked (NR) Studio Q/Drama
  • The Hurricane Heist (PG13) Action/Crime
  • In the Mood for Love (NR) Foreign/Drama (Hong Kong)
  • The Invaders: Complete Series (NR) TV
  • Journey to the Forbidden Valley (NR) Family/Adventure
  • Jules Verne's Mysterious Island (2005) (NR) Classic/Adventure/Sci-Fi
  • Jurassic Predator (NR) Action/Adventure
  • The Last Witness (NR) Thriller
  • The Midnight Man (NR) Horror
  • Mystery of the Jurassic (BBC) (NR) Documentary
  • Oh Lucy (NR) Foreign/Comedy/Drama (Japan)
  • The Outsider (NR) Foreign/Drama (France)
  • The Rake (NR) Horror
  • Supercon (R) Comedy
  • Thoroughbreds (R) Drama/Thriller
  • Wedding Bells (NR) Hallmark/Romance
  • When Calls the Heart: Home Is Where the Heart Is (NR) Hallmark/Romance
  • A Wrinkle in Time (PG13) Adventure/Fantasy

Tuesday, June 12

  • Avenues of Escape (NR) Documentary
  • The Cage Fighter (NR) Sports/Drama
  • Edward II (1991) (NR) Classic/Drama
  • Elizabeth Blue (PG13) Drama
  • Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars (NR) Documentary/Music
  • First Civilizations (PBS) (NR) TV
  • The Good Postman (NR) Documentary/Foreign (Bulgaria)
  • Guilty Men (Pariente) (NR) Foreign/Drama/Western (Columbia)
  • The Humanity Bureau (R) Action/Sci-Fi
  • I Am Curious: Yellow/Blue (1967) (NR) Classic/Foreign/Drama (Sweden)
  • I Can Only Imagine-PG -Family/Music
  • Ice Mother (NR) Foreign/Comedy/Romance (Czech Republic)
  • In Syria (NR) Foreign/Drama/War (Belgium/France)
  • Inflame (NR) Foreign/Suspense (Turkey)
  • The Jurassic Dead (NR) Action/Sci-Fi
  • King of Hearts (NR) Classic/Comedy/Drama
  • Love Simon (PG13) Studio Q/Comedy/Romance
  • Motherland (NR) Documentary
  • Orange is the New Black: Season 5 (NR) TV
  • An Ordinary Man (R) War/Drama
  • Portlandia: Season 8 (NR) TV
  • Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust (NR) Documentary
  • Scrum (NR) Sports/Documentary
  • Sea Change (NR) Suspense/Mystery
  • Sherlock Gnome (NR) Animated/Family
  • Southwest Of Salem: Story of the San Antonio Four (NR) Documentary
  • The Strangers: Prey at Night (R) Horror
  • Tehran Taboo (NR) Foreign/Animated/Drama (Iran/Germany)
  • Tomb Raider (18) (PG13) Action/Adventure
  • Tormentero (NR) Foreign/Drama/Mystery (Mexico)
  • Will & Grace - The Revival: Season 1 (NR) TV

Tuesday, June 19

  • Alex & Me (G) Family/Sports
  • American Heroes (NR) Documentary
  • Class Rank (NR) Comedy/Romance
  • Corbin Nash (NR) Action/Horror
  • Double Lover (NR) Foreign/Drama (France)
  • Flower (R) Comedy/Drama
  • Frat Pack (R) Comedy
  • Furious (NR) Foreign/Action (Russia)
  • Hollow Child (NR) Horror
  • I, Jane Doe (1948) (NR) Classic/Drama
  • In the Dark (BBC) (NR) TV
  • Keep the Change (NR) Comedy/Romance
  • Man in an Orange Suit (NR) TV
  • Midnight Sun (PG13) Drama/Romance
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising (PG13) Superheroes/Adventure
  • Paul, Apostle of Christ (PG13) Drama
  • Swap (NR) Family/Comedy
  • Under Capricorn (1949) (NR) Classic/Crime Drama
  • Unsane (R) Horror/Thriller
  • Wetlands (NR) Crime/Drama
  • Woman in the Wind (1944) (NR) Classic/Crime Drama
  • Workshop (NR) Foreign/Drama (France)

Tuesday, June 26

  • Acrimony (R) Drama/Thriller
  • Adventures in Public School (NR) Comedy
  • Banishment (2007) (NR) Foreign/Drama (Russia)
  • Beyond the Edge (NR) Foreign/Action/Adventure (Russia)
  • Black Lightning: Season 1 (NR) TV
  • The Endless (NR) Sci-Fi/Thriller
  • The Escape of Prisoner 614(PG13) Crime/Western
  • Escape Plan 2: Hades (R) Action/Suspense
  • Gemini (R) Mystery/Thriller
  • Ground Zero (NR) Horror
  • In Darkness (NR) Suspense/Mystery
  • Last Post: Season 1 (NR) TV
  • Scream for Me Sarajevo (NR) Documentary
  • Spinning Man (R) Suspense
  • Terminal (NR) Crime/Drama


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