6:45 (2021)DVDRThriller3/22Michael Reed, Augie Duke, Armen Garo - What if one of the best days of your life suddenly turned into your very worst nightmare? And what if you were forced to relive that same day again and again? 7 wins at 7 international film festivals
All for Amy (2015)DVDNRDrama/Thriller3/22Stephanie Kay Carter, Cole Brown, David L. Willis - Seventeen-year-old Amy forces her ex-boyfriend to meet her at the LBJ library in Austin by threatening to commit suicide. As he tries to talk her down, we learn about the circumstances that lead up to her crisis along with the troubling events that impacted her life seven years ago.
De Gaulle (2020) (France)DVDNRBiography/Drama/History3/22Lambert Wilson, Isabelle Carre, Olivier Gourmet - Paris, June 1940. The de Gaulle couple is confronted with the military and political collapse of France. Charles de Gaulle joins London while Yvonne, his wife, finds herself with her three children on the road of the exodus.
Dexter: New Blood (2021-2022)DVDTV-MACrime/Drama/Mystery/TV Miniseries3/22Michael C. Hall, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones - Set 10 years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, he is now living under an assumed name in Upstate New York, Iron Lake, far from his original home in Miami.
Dreaming Hollywood (2021)DVDNRCrime3/22Turk Matthews, Madelyn Allen, Link Ruiz - A deranged ex-con seeks revenge when he discovers that his screenplay has been stolen.
For the Love of Money (2021)DVDRDrama/Thriller3/22Katt Williams, Keri Hilson, Rotimi Rotimi - When a single mother is pushed to her limit, she turns to the only world she knows, a world she's spent a lifetime running from, to protect her daughter.
The Islands (aka "Isole") (2011) (Italy)DVDNRDrama3/22Asia Argento, Giorgio Colangeli, Ivan Franek - Ivan is desperate for employment. One day his search takes him to a nearby island, where he finds himself stranded, penniless and unable to make his way back home to the dingy apartment he shares with his ailing father. Help arrives, almost magically, in the form of a mute young woman. 3 winsd at 2 Italian film festivals
The Madame Blanc Mysteries: Series 1 (2021) (UK, USA, Malta. Ireland)DVDNRDrama/Mystery/UK TV Series3/22Sally Lindsay, Steve Edge, Alex Gaumond - Jean White is an antiques dealer who runs a successful business with her husband, Rory. But when he suddenly dies and leaves her nearly penniless, Jean relocates to their one remaining asset - a cottage in French antiques hub Saint Victoire - and begins investigating Rory's mysterious death.
Mau (2021) (Austria, USA)DVDNRDocumentary3/22The unlikely story of design visionary Bruce Mau and his ever-optimistic push for massive change.
Nightmare Alley (2021) (USA, Mexico, Canada)BLU/DVDRCrime/Drama/Thriller3/22Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette - When charismatic but down-on-his-luck Stanton Carlisle (Bradley Cooper) endears himself to clairvoyant Zeena (Toni Collette) and her has-been mentalist husband Pete (David Strathairn) at a traveling carnival, he crafts a golden ticket to success, using this newly acquired knowledge to grift the wealthy elite of 1940s New York society. With the virtuous Molly (Rooney Mara) loyally by his side, Stanton plots to con a dangerous tycoon (Richard Jenkins) with the aid of a mysterious psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett) who might be his most formidable opponent yet. Nominated for 4 Oscars; 14 wins & 89 nominations total
Quiet, Pretty Things (2020)DVDNRThriller3/22Damon Addison, Casey Bales, Morgan Bowman - A small town detective is following a string of puzzling local murders when a mistake inadvertently directs the killer's focus to him.