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Alaskan Nets (2021)DVDNRDocumentary/Sports7/5In Alaska's last native reserve, two cousins lead their local basketball team to its first state championship in more than thirty years.
Close to Me (2021)DVDTV-14Drama/TV Miniseries7/5Connie Nielsen, Susan Lynch, Christopher Eccleston - Jo Harding is a woman who has a perfect life with her partner until a fall erases an entire year from her memory. As she struggles to piece events together, Jo discovers that her life was in fact far from perfect.
Downton Abbey: A New Era (2022) (UK, USA)BLU/DVDPGDrama/Romance7/5Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Michelle Dockery - Follow-up to the 2019 feature film in which the Crawley family and Downton staff received a royal visit from the King and Queen of Great Britain.
Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)BLU/DVDRAction/Adventure/Comedy7/5Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan - An aging Chinese immigrant is swept up in an insane adventure, where she alone can save the world by exploring other universes connecting with the lives she could have led.
Hell or High Seas (2021)DVDNRDocumentary/Adventure7/5A real-life, modern-day sailing odyssey, with a deep universal message of resiliency, hope and second chances.
MonstrousDVDPG-13Horror/Mystery/Thriller7/5Christina Ricci, Santino Barnard, Don Durrell - Story centers on a traumatized woman fleeing from her abusive ex-husband with her 7-year-old son. In their new, remote sanctuary they find they have a bigger, more terrifying monster to deal with.
Newlywed and Dead/Dead Over Diamonds/Exit Stage DeathDVDNRDrama/Mystery/Thriller7/5Three murder mysteries on one DVD! Newly Wed and Dead: Photographer Allie Adams is shocked when the groom at a wedding she is covering is shot dead. What's even worse, is she must convince Detective Sam Acosta that her brother isn't the killer. Dead Over Diamonds: Photographer Allie and Detective Sam's investigation into a priceless stolen necklace leads to danger and an unexpected death. Exit, Stage Death: Allie and Sam navigate the world of amateur theatrics as they pursue the killer of an actress. Their largest obstacle is trying to assess whether the cast members are lying or telling the truth.
Okja (2017) (South Korea, USA)BLU/DVDTV-MAAction/Adventure/Drama7/5Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano, Seo-hyun Ahn - A young girl risks everything to prevent a powerful, multinational company from kidnapping her best friend - a fascinating beast named Okja.
Zero Contact (2022)DVDRThriller7/5Chris Brochu, Aleks Paunovic, Veronica Ferres, Anthony Hopkins - Starring Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins (THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS), this high-tech thriller chillingly reimagines our isolated, virtual world. Hopkins plays Finley Hart, the eccentric genius behind a global data-mining program. Upon his death, five remote agents including Finley's son are contacted by a mysterious A.I. entity to reactivate the initiative, which may enable time travel. As sinister events occur at each of the agents' homes, they must decide whether entering their passwords will save the world...or destroy it.