90 Feet from HomeDVDNRCrime/Drama/Thriller9/1Shawn Michaels, Eric Roberts, Adam Hampton, Dean Cain - A former, troubled Major League Baseball player returns home to confront his abusive step-father.
Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark ForestDVDNRHorror9/1A young family moves to a new apartment in the outskirts of the big city. The nanny they hired to look after their newborn daughter quickly becomes trustworthy. However, the eldest boy notices frightening behavior of the woman, but his parents do not believe him.
Black Gravel (1961) (West Germany)DVDNRForeign/Drama/History9/1In this gripping Cold War noir, tensions simmer between residents of a small German village and the soldiers of a U.S. military base.
Blood QuantumBLU/DVDNRHorror/Zombies9/1The dead are coming back to life outside the isolated Mi'kmaq reserve of Red Crow, except for its Indigenous inhabitants who are strangely immune to the zombie plague.
Britannia Hospital (1982) (UK)DVDRBritish/Comedy9/1Malcolm McDowell, Joan Plowright, Alan Bates - An ace reporter finds truth in bedlam at a 500-year-old London hospital.
Children of the Sea (Japan)BLU/DVDNRAnime/Adventure9/1From Japan's cutting-edge STUDIO4C (Tekkonkinkreet, MFKZ) and director Ayumu Watanabe, this stunningly beautiful adaptation of the prize-winning manga features a score from legendary composer Joe Hisaishi (Spirited Away).
City of the Sun (Georgia)DVDNRDocumentary/Foreign9/1The lives, dreams, and destinies of extraordinary characters unfold in this impressionist dreamscape amid the ruins of a semi-abandoned mining town.
Clockwise (1986) (UK)DVDPGBritish/Comedy9/1John Cleese, Joan Hickson - A punctual British headmaster misses his train and tries, with two girls, to reach a meeting on time.
Copper BillDVDNRThriller/Western9/1Two thieves attempt to steal 80 million dollars of hidden Texas drug money from the famed ranch belonging to a dead member of the Cowboy Mafia.
Cut Off (Germany)DVDUnratedAction/Crime/Horror/Foreign9/1Thriller set in the world of Forensic Pathology. Coroner Paul Herzfeld finds a capsule in the head of a heavily mutilated corpse, containing a phone number and single word: the name of his daughter.
Denise Ho: Becoming the SongDVDNRDocumentary9/1This timely documentary explores the singer's remarkable journey from Cantopop superstar to outspoken political activist, putting her life and career on the line in support of HongKonger's struggle to maintain their political freedom.
Extra InningsDVDNRDrama/True Tales9/1Set against the enchanting backdrop of 1960's Brooklyn, Extra Innings tell the story of a young man who is caught between pursuing his dream and staying devoted to his Syrian Jewish family that is afflicted with mental illness.
Get Back UpDVDNRDocumentary/Biography/Music9/1"A riveting, emotionally charged rock doc like none before it. This decade long journal follows the band and phoenix-like implosion and spiritual immersion of their front-man, who was born with a genius like gift to create hit music."
The Haunting of Margam Castle (UK)DVDNRHorror9/1A team of American parapsychologists travel to Wales to conduct a study of Margam Castle, one of the UK's most haunted buildings.
Master PiecesDVDNRHorror9/1A deranged artist goes on a killing spree while a new wife, a weird collection agency, and odd happenings around the house add to his troubles.
Irresistible (2020)BLU/DVDRComedy/Drama9/1Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Chris Cooper - A Democratic strategist helps a retired veteran run for mayor in a small, conservative Midwest town.
The Mole Agent (Chile)DVDNRDocumentary/Foreign9/1A private investigator in Chile hires someone to work as mole at a retirement home where a client of his suspects the caretakers of elder abuse.
The Raging Moon (1971)DVDPGDrama/Romance9/1Malcolm McDowell, Nanette Newman - A paraplegic ex-soccer player falls in love with a polio victim. Directed by Bryan Forbes. (also known as: "Long Ago, Tomorrow")
Rogue (2020)DVDRAction9/1Megan Fox (Transformers franchise) tackles a thrilling new role as a battle-hardened mercenary in this explosive action saga. As team leader O'Hara, she leads a lively squad of soldiers on a daring mission: rescue hostages from their captors in remote Africa.
Sonic Boom: Robot RisingDVDNRChildren/Animation9/1Its a Sonic you havent seen before Wherever he goes and whatever hes up against, Sonic the Hedgehog is aided by his sidekick, Tails, and his friends Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks and, of course, attacked by his arch nemesis, Dr. Eggman.
Terrified (Aterrados) (Argentina)DVDNRForeign/Horror9/1When strange events occur in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, a doctor specializing in the paranormal, her colleague, and an ex police officer decide to investigate further.
The B-52's: Live at US Festival (1982)DVDNRMusic Concert9/1Kate Pierson, Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland, Cindy Wilson - The B-52s performed their first ever gig in February 1977 and quickly became one of the most successful and original bands of the eighties and nineties.
Tom of Your LifeDVDNRComedy/Drama9/1When a baby is born who inexplicably grows, evolves and ages four years an hour, a strung out nurse smuggles him out of the hospital to show him what life is all about before the authorities and time catch up with them both.
Unleashing the Demons (Australia)DVDNRComedy/Horror/Thriller9/1Five years after being hospitalised, Derek is released into the care of his cousin, April. But Derek believes he's possessed, and a series of encounters leaves April to question if this is mental illness or something more sinister.
Widow's Point (2019)DVDNRThriller/Fantasy9/1An author who spends a weekend locked in a haunted lighthouse as a publicity stunt for his next book becomes a target for powerful supernatural forces.
Z (2019) (Canada)DVDNRHorror/Mystery/Thriller9/1A family find themselves terrorized by their eight-year-old son's imaginary friend.