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New Titles – July 30

Title (NR) Star Text

Ayiti Mon Amour (NR) Foreign/Drama (Haiti)

A magical fable weaves together the lives of three different people in Haiti five years after a devastating earthquake.

Chain of Death (NR) Suspense

When a surgeon discovers he has the same neurological disorder as his invalid father, he joins an underground assisted suicide group.

Domino (2018) (R) Crime/Suspense

A Copenhagen police officer seeks justice for his partner’s murder at the hand of an ISIS member.

El Chicano (R) Drama

A pair of twin brothers from East L.A. choose to live their lives differently and end up on opposite sides of the law.

Fat (NR) Documentary

Health expert Vinnie Tortorich exposes the history behind widespread myths and lies regarding healthy eating, fat and weight loss.

Holy Lands (NR) Drama – James Caan

Harry Rosenmerck leaves New York and his family with an unlikely plan to start a pig farm in Israel.

Intruder (PG13) Suspense – Dennis Quaid

When a young married couple buys their dream house in the Napa Valley, the strangely attached seller continues to infiltrate their lives in escalating, unsettling ways.

Last Whistle (PG) Sports/Drama

A beloved high school football coach makes a bad judgement call after an all-star player collapses during an intense practice, putting winning before all else.

Life & Nothing (NR) Drama

Standing on the edge of adulthood, Andrew yearns to find his purpose as a young black man in today’s America.

Long Shot (R) Comedy/Romance – Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron

Journalist Fred Flarsky reunites with his childhood crush, Charlotte Field, as she prepares to make a run for the Presidency.

Meeting Gorbachev (NR) Documentary

The riveting documentary provides incredible access to, arguably, the world’s greatest living politician, Mikael Gorbachev.

Nova: Inside The Megafire (NR) Documentary

NOVA tells the stores of residents who had to flee for their lives during the 2018 California fire season.

Retablo (NR) Foreign/Drama (Peru)

Segundo Paucar, a 14-year-old boy wants to become a master story-box maker just like his father to carry on with the family legacy.

Uglydolls (NR) Animated/Kids

In the adorably different town of Uglyville, weird is celebrated, strange is special and beauty is embraced as more than simply meets the eye.

New TV & Series Releases

  • Murdoch Mysteries: Season 12 (NR)

New Kids & Family Releases

  • Title

New Titles – July 23

Alita: Battle Angel (PG13) Sci-Fi/Drama

A deactivated female cyborg is revived, but cannot remember anything of her past life and goes on a quest to find out who she is.

Assimilate (NR) Horror

Three friends making a web series about their town discover that their neighbors are being killed and replaced by creatures who are perfect copies of their victims.

Critters Attack! (NR) Horror

A reluctant babysitter takes her charges on a hike, unaware that mysterious alien critters have crash-landed and started devouring every living thing they encounter.

Geek, and You Shall Find (NR) Documentary

After attending a comic book convention, three filmmakers are so moved by the stories shared with them they decide to investigate geek culture even further.

Hail Satan? (NR) Documentary

A look at the quick rise and influence of the controversial religious group known as The Satanic Temple.

Hellboy (2019) (R) Fantasy/Adventure

Hellboy is back, and he’s on fire. From Mike Mignolas seminal work, the legendary half-demon is called to the countryside to battle a trio of rampaging giants.

How High 2 (NR) Comedy

A pair of stoners embark on a pot-fueled adventure through Atlanta to find their missing weed.

If The Dancer Dances (NR) Documentary

A group of NYC’s top modern dancers reconstruct an iconic and mysterious work by the legendary Merce Cunningham, revealing what it takes to keep a dance alive.

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (NR) Martial Arts/Action

Following his defeat by Master Ip, Cheung Tin Chi tries to make a life in Hong Kong, but it’s not long before circumstances draw him once again to the fight.

Missing Link (NR) Animated – Hugh Jackman, David Walliams

Link recruits explorer Sir Lionel Frost to help find his long-lost relatives in the fabled valley of Shangri-La.

Rock Paper Scissors (R) Horror

Peter “the Doll Maker” Harris returns to his ancestral family home after being released from the state’s hospital for the criminally insane, supposedly a “cured” man.

Sauvage Wild (NR) Studio Q/Drama/Foreign (France)

The riveting and vibrant erotic journey of a 22-year-old street hustler who bounces between his desire for freedom and the comforts of a stable relationship.

Working Woman (NR) Foreign/Drama (Israel)

Torn between the pressures of work and life at home, Orna’s world is finally shattered, and she must fight for her job and a sense of self-worth.

New TV & Series Releases

  • Manifest: Season 1 (NR)

New Titles – July 16

Abduction (NR) Action – Scott Adkins

Quinn steps out of a park fountain in Vietnam with no recollection of who he is or where he came from, pursued by mysterious dangerous figures.

Ash is Purest White (NR) Foreign/Drama (China)

A story of violent love within a time frame spanning from 2001 to 2017.

Breakthrough (PG) Family/Drama – Topher Grace

When her 14-year-old son drowns in a lake, a faithful mother prays for him to come back from the brink of death and be healed.

Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die For (NR) Hallmark/Mystery

A crossword is found on the murdered owner of a burglarized art gallery.

Desert Fury (NR) War/Action

Two best friends enlist to fight in the Gulf War, but their unit is soon captured by Iraqi forces and must work to escape the brutal, unforgiving desert while being hunted by the enemy.

Dogman (NR) Foreign/Crime/Drama (Italy)

A timid dog groomer living in a poor suburb sells cocaine on the side and stays out of trouble, while trying to deal with his unstable, violent menace to the whole neighborhood.

Don’t Look At Me That Way (NR) Foreign/Drama (Germany)

Hedi is the new neighbor and lover of single mother Iva, and their relationship becomes complicated when Iva’s father suddenly appears.

Family (R) Comedy ¬– Kate McKinnon, Taylor Schilling

Kate Stone is career-focused, and enjoys her life that way, but her brash attitude keeps relationships at arm’s length, making her an outcast in her own right.

Fast Color (PG13) Drama/Sci-Fi

Hunted by mysterious forces, a young woman with supernatural abilities must go on the run when her powers are discovered.

Goddesses of Food (NR) Documentary

This doc presents the best female chefs from around the world, including Alice Waters and multi-Michelin star chefs Dominique Crenn and Barbara Lynch.

Grace Quigley (1985) (PG) Classic/Comedy – Katherine Hepburn, Nick Nolte

Grateful oldsters pay a spry widow to be put out of their misery by her hit-man associate.

Hello Again (1987) (PG) Classic/Comedy – Shelley Long. Gabriel Byrne

A plastic surgeon’s wife chokes to death; a year later her occultist sister brings her back.

Lachance Kids (NR) Foreign/Drama (France)

Four siblings navigate their fears and growing into young adulthood following the death of both their parents.

Little Woods (R) Drama/Western

A modern Western about two sisters who work outside the law to better their lives.

Long Goodbye (NR) Drama

Avery and Matthew are two lonely strangers who begin finding comfort in a fantasy relationship with one another that doesn’t exist.

Mountain Rest (NR) Drama – Frances Conroy, Kate Lynn Shell

After years without contact, estranged daughter Frankie and granddaughter Clara pay a visit to aging actress Ethel at her mountain cabin.

Notes on an Appearance (NR) Drama

A young man disappears amid talk of violence and demagoguery, leaving behind an obscure cache of letters, postcards, and notebooks.

Relaxer (NR) Comedy

With Y2K fast approaching, Abbie is faced with the ultimate challenge–the unbeatable level 256 on Pac-Man–and he can’t get off the couch until he conquers it.

Shazam! (PG13) Superheroes – Asher Angel, Zachary Levi

A streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Super Hero Shazam, courtesy of an ancient wizard.

Signed Sealed Delivered: To the Altar (NR) Hallmark/Romance

The long-awaited wedding of Norman and Rita leads the postal detectives to a letter with clues about a young woman’s missing mother.

Teen Spirit (PG13) Drama/Music

Violet is a shy teenager who dreams of escaping her small town and pursuing her passion to sing.

Twelve Pole Manor (NR) Horror

A group of friends buys a house with the intention of flipping it to make money. The problem with this particular house is its unforgiving need for blood.

Unmarked (NR) Drama

An angry woman sets out to destroy a middle schooler in any way possible to prevent him from exposing a series of lies that originated from her.

New TV & Series Releases

  • Space 1999: The Complete Series (NR)
  • Titans: Season 1 (NR)
  • Witchblade: Complete Series Essentials (NR)

New Kids & Family Releases

  • Best Bug Buddies (NR) – 7/16

New Titles – July 9

After (PG13) Drama

A young woman falls for a guy with a dark secret and the two embark on a rocky relationship.

After the Storm (NR) Romance/Drama

During a storm Lauren finds her dog in the arms of an old crush, Collin. The storm destroyed her home, but she’s determined to rebuild.

Clara (NR) Sci-Fi

In a race to find intelligent life in the universe, an astronomer and his free-thinking research partner make an inexplicable discovery that changes how they see the world, and each other.

High Life (R) Sci-Fi/Horror – Robert Pattinson, Juliette Binoche

A father and his daughter struggle to survive in deep space where they live in isolation.

I Like Me (NR) Comedy

In the midst of family tensions, an egocentric free spirit who hits rock bottom finds unexpected success as a self-empowerment guru after publishing a self-help book.

The Immortal Wars: Resurgence (NR) Sci-Fi – Eric Roberts

Trikalypse joins forces with rebel leader Kalera and her team of freedom fighters to fight back to bring the evil Dominion down and expose him to the world.

Landing Lake (NR) Sci-Fi

When a technical team is sent to repair a communication station they quickly realize that something may be coming from the nearby lake that is affecting their minds.

Little (PG13) Comedy – Regina Hall, Issa Rae

A woman is transformed into her younger self at a point in her life when the pressures of adulthood become too much to bear.

Love Blooms (NR) Studio Q/Foreign/Drama (France)

Martin arrives in Paris in a failed attempt to reunite with his first love, when to his surprise, he falls in love with another man.

The Lumber Baron (PG13) Drama

Upon the death of his father, Daniel returns home to salvage the family lumber business, find out who killed his dad and save his family from financial ruin.

The Mojin: Worm Valley (NR) Foreign/Adventure (China)

Legendary tomb explorer Hu Bayi embarks on a dangerous mission as he seeks out the Tomb of Emperor Xian, located on an island of monstrous creatures.

The Most Dangerous Year (NR) Documentary

In 2016 a small group of families with transgender kids joined the fight against a wave of discriminatory anti-transgender legislation that swept the nation.

Outlaws (R) Crime/Drama

The vice president of an Australian biker club is forced to choose between his brother and allegiance to his superior.

Pet Sematary (R) Suspense

Dr. Louis Creed relocates his family to rural Maine, and soon discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home.

The Professor (R) Comedy/Drama – Johnny Depp

After learning he has six months to live, a buttoned-down college lecturer transforms into a rebellious party animal.

Shadows of Sofia (NR) Documentary

Filmmaker Kevin Booth travels to Bulgaria where a meeting with an Oligarchs’ banker reveals all, transforming the story into a political adventure.

Sun Sand & Romance (NR) Romance/Drama

Kate reunites with an old friend when her boyfriend spends too much time working during their vacation.

Tell It to the Bees (NR) Studio Q/Drama – Anna Paquin

In 1950s small town Britain, a doctor develops a relationship with her young patient’s mother.

3 Faces (NR) Foreign/Drama (Iran)

Three actresses at different stages of their career: one from before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, one popular star of today, and a young girl longing to attend drama conservatory.

Transit (NR) Foreign/Drama (Germany)

A man attempting to escape Nazi-occupied France falls in love with the wife of a dead author whose identity he has assumed.

Ulysses: A Dark Odyssey (NR) Sci-Fi

In 2023, a disillusioned soldier riddled with amnesia returns home from a war in the Middle East, to comb the city to find his beloved wife.

A Violent Separation (NR) Suspense

Two brothers struggle with a terrible truth behind a tragedy that aims to tear three generations of a family apart.

New TV & Series Releases

  • Endeavor: Season 6 (NR)
  • Gotham: Season 5 (NR)

New Titles – July 2

An Acceptable Loss (R) Suspense – Tika Sumpter, Jamie Lee Curtis

A former top U.S. security adviser is threatened by associates from her dark past including a steely politician who now sits in the Oval Office.

The Best of Enemies (PG13) Drama – Taraji P. Henson, Sam Rockwell

Civil rights activist Ann Atwater faces off against C.P. Ellis, Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, in 1971 Durham, North Carolina over the issue of school integration.

Blood Paradise (NR) Horror

Reeling after her latest novel flops, a best-selling crime writer is sent by her publisher to the Swedish countryside to regain inspiration.

Crown and Anchor (NR) Drama

When police officer James Downey returns home for his mother’s funeral, he is faced with dark childhood traumas he thought he had left behind.

Dead Trigger (NR) Sci-Fi/Action ¬– Dolph Lundgren

After a mysterious virus kills billions and creates scores of zombies, the government develops a video game that simulates the outbreak in order to train killers to combat the real-life horde.

Deadsight (NR) Horror

A man with partial blindness and a young pregnant police officer must work together to escape from a deadly virus that has spread across Grey County.

Escape Plan: The Extractors (R) Action ¬– Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent

After security expert Ray Breslin is hired to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a Hong Kong tech mogul from a formidable Latvian prison, Breslin’s girlfriend is also captured.

Heiresses (NR) Foreign/Drama (Paraguay)

Two women descended from wealthy families must find new ways to survive when their financial situation takes a turn for the worse.

High Moon (NR) Horror

A soldier turned gunfighter rises from the grave only to find himself in a modern time where the werewolf outlaw gang that brutally murdered his wife are running rampant.

Mia & The White Lion (NR) Foreign/Family/Adventure (South Africa)

11-year-old Mia develops an extraordinary relationship with Charlie, a young white lion born in her parents’ farm in South Africa.

The Public (PG13) Drama – Alec Baldwin, Taylor Schilling

An act of civil disobedience turns into a standoff with police when homeless people in Cincinnati take over the public library to seek shelter from the bitter cold.

The River and the Wall (NR) Documentary

Five friends on an immersive adventure through the unknown wilds of the Texas borderlands come face-to-face with the human side of the immigration debate.

Rwby V06 (NR) Animated

Team RWBY is reunited, and their first mission back is one of grave importance: escorting the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas.

Soul Reaper (NR) Horror

Soon-to-be-wed Charlie invites his friends to join him for a stag weekend in a remote British cabin, where events take a sinister turns when the friends start to disappear

Storm Boy (PG) Drama

A successful retired businessman starts to see images from his past that he can’t explain, prompting childhood memories about the pelican he rescued and raised.

Styx (NR) Foreign/Drama (Germany)

Tells the story of the transformation of a strong woman torn from her contented world during a sailing trip.

Summer to Remember (NR) Hallmark/Romance

Jessica Tucker, a widow and doctor, takes a vacation with her daughter in Fiji, where sparks start to fly with Will, the charming owner of the resort.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle (NR) Suspense/Horror

Two sisters live secluded in a manor, and care for their deranged uncle. When a cousin arrives for a visit, family secrets and scandals unravel.

Wild Faith (NR) Western/Drama

In 1800’s Michigan, a Civil War vet tries to make peace with his losses and start a new life despite the world resisting change around him.

New Kids & Family Releases

  • Okko’s Inn (NR) Kids – 7/2