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New Titles – March 29th

Martha's Vineyard Mysteries: A Beautiful Place to Die / Riddled with Deceit / Ships in the Night (2020-2021)DVDTV-PGMystery3/29Jessie Metcalfe, Sarah Linde, Eric Keenleyside - A retired Boston PD detective and the acting medical examiner at Martha's Vineyard work together to solve the murder of a mysterious young man.
Brighton 4th (2021) (Georgia, Russia, Bulgaria, USA, Monaco)DVDNRComedy/Drama/Foreign3/29Levan Tedaishvili, Giorgi Tabidze, Nadezhda Mikhalkova - Georgian wrestler Kakhi travels to Brooklyn to help his son out of a gambling debt. 6 wins & 6 nominations at 8 international film festivals. Official submission of Georgia for the 'Best International Feature Film' category of the 94th Academy Awards in 2022
On the 3rd Day (2021) (Argentina)DVDNRFantasy/Horror/Thriller3/29Mariana Anghileri, Arturo Bonin, Diego Cremonesi - While on a trip with her young son, Cecilia has a car accident. Three days later, she finds herself wandering a lonely road with no sign of her child - and no memory of what happened since the crash. Cecilia's desperate search for her son leads her on a wrenching and tumultuous journey to face off against a religious fanatic who holds the shocking key to it all.
Pursuit (2022)BLU/DVDRAction/Drama/Thriller3/29Emile Hirsch, John Cusack, Jake Manley - Detective Breslin crosses paths with Calloway, a ruthless hacker who's trying to save his kidnapped wife from a drug cartel. When Calloway escapes from police custody, Breslin joins forces with a no-nonsense cop to reclaim his prisoner.
Sing 2 (2021)BLU/DVDPGAnimation/Adventure/Comedy3/29Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson - Buster Moon and his friends must persuade reclusive rock star Clay Calloway to join them for the opening of a new show.
Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America (2021)DVDPG-13Documentary3/29Interweaving lecture, personal anecdotes, interviews, and shocking revelations, lawyer Jeffery Robinson draws a stark timeline of anti-Black racism in the United States, from slavery to the modern myth of a post-racial America. 5 wins & 8 nominations at 8 international film festivals

New Titles – March 22nd

6:45 (2021)DVDRThriller3/22Michael Reed, Augie Duke, Armen Garo - What if one of the best days of your life suddenly turned into your very worst nightmare? And what if you were forced to relive that same day again and again? 7 wins at 7 international film festivals
All for Amy (2015)DVDNRDrama/Thriller3/22Stephanie Kay Carter, Cole Brown, David L. Willis - Seventeen-year-old Amy forces her ex-boyfriend to meet her at the LBJ library in Austin by threatening to commit suicide. As he tries to talk her down, we learn about the circumstances that lead up to her crisis along with the troubling events that impacted her life seven years ago.
De Gaulle (2020) (France)DVDNRBiography/Drama/History3/22Lambert Wilson, Isabelle Carre, Olivier Gourmet - Paris, June 1940. The de Gaulle couple is confronted with the military and political collapse of France. Charles de Gaulle joins London while Yvonne, his wife, finds herself with her three children on the road of the exodus.
Dexter: New Blood (2021-2022)DVDTV-MACrime/Drama/Mystery/TV Miniseries3/22Michael C. Hall, Jack Alcott, Julia Jones - Set 10 years after Dexter Morgan went missing in the eye of Hurricane Laura, he is now living under an assumed name in Upstate New York, Iron Lake, far from his original home in Miami.
Dreaming Hollywood (2021)DVDNRCrime3/22Turk Matthews, Madelyn Allen, Link Ruiz - A deranged ex-con seeks revenge when he discovers that his screenplay has been stolen.
For the Love of Money (2021)DVDRDrama/Thriller3/22Katt Williams, Keri Hilson, Rotimi Rotimi - When a single mother is pushed to her limit, she turns to the only world she knows, a world she's spent a lifetime running from, to protect her daughter.
The Islands (aka "Isole") (2011) (Italy)DVDNRDrama3/22Asia Argento, Giorgio Colangeli, Ivan Franek - Ivan is desperate for employment. One day his search takes him to a nearby island, where he finds himself stranded, penniless and unable to make his way back home to the dingy apartment he shares with his ailing father. Help arrives, almost magically, in the form of a mute young woman. 3 winsd at 2 Italian film festivals
The Madame Blanc Mysteries: Series 1 (2021) (UK, USA, Malta. Ireland)DVDNRDrama/Mystery/UK TV Series3/22Sally Lindsay, Steve Edge, Alex Gaumond - Jean White is an antiques dealer who runs a successful business with her husband, Rory. But when he suddenly dies and leaves her nearly penniless, Jean relocates to their one remaining asset - a cottage in French antiques hub Saint Victoire - and begins investigating Rory's mysterious death.
Mau (2021) (Austria, USA)DVDNRDocumentary3/22The unlikely story of design visionary Bruce Mau and his ever-optimistic push for massive change.
Nightmare Alley (2021) (USA, Mexico, Canada)BLU/DVDRCrime/Drama/Thriller3/22Bradley Cooper, Cate Blanchett, Toni Collette - When charismatic but down-on-his-luck Stanton Carlisle (Bradley Cooper) endears himself to clairvoyant Zeena (Toni Collette) and her has-been mentalist husband Pete (David Strathairn) at a traveling carnival, he crafts a golden ticket to success, using this newly acquired knowledge to grift the wealthy elite of 1940s New York society. With the virtuous Molly (Rooney Mara) loyally by his side, Stanton plots to con a dangerous tycoon (Richard Jenkins) with the aid of a mysterious psychiatrist (Cate Blanchett) who might be his most formidable opponent yet. Nominated for 4 Oscars; 14 wins & 89 nominations total
Quiet, Pretty Things (2020)DVDNRThriller3/22Damon Addison, Casey Bales, Morgan Bowman - A small town detective is following a string of puzzling local murders when a mistake inadvertently directs the killer's focus to him.

New Titles – March 15th

Betrayed (2020) (Norway)DVDNRDrama/History/War3/15Jakob Oftebro, Silje Storstein, Carl Martin Eggesba - The Nazi agenda knew no borders. As the war spread into Europe, Hitler's control became ever more clear. In November of 1942 hundreds of Jewish citizens in Norway were taken from their homes. Men, women and children forced on to a ship... a ship headed for Oslo, with the final destination set to be where the industrialization of human suffering became a horrifying reality -- Auschwitz. Follow one family's struggle as the life they knew and loved is ripped from them by the tides of war. 4 wins & 6 nominations at international film festivals
The Boy Behind the Door (2020)DVDNRHorror/Mystery/Thriller3/15Lonnie Chavis, Ezra Dewey, Kristin Bauer van Straten - After Bobby and his best friend Kevin are kidnapped and taken to a strange house in the middle of nowhere, Bobby manages to escape. But then he hears Kevin's screams for help and realizes he can't leave his friend behind.
Drive-In Retro Classics Triple FeatureDVDNRHorror/Sci-Fi3/15Three films from the mid-20th century: Rocketship X-M (1950), The Hideous Sun Demon (1958), and The Brain from Planet Arous (1957)
Enemies of the State (2020)DVDNRDocumentary3/15An American family becomes entangled in a bizarre web of secrets and lies when their hacker son is targeted by the U.S. government, making them all ENEMIES OF THE STATE.
Fast Charlie… The Moonbeam Rider (1979)DVDPGComedy3/15David Carradine, Brenda Vaccaro, L.Q. Jones - A World War I deserter competes in the first long-distance motorcycle race.
Hearts Down Under (aka "Romance on the Menu") (2020)DVDTV-GRomance3/15Cindy Busby, Tim Ross, Naomi Sequeira - When New York restaurateur, Caroline Wilson inherits a café in Lemon Myrtle Cove, Australia, she begins to fall in love with the place and its people, in particular, the cafe's charming local chef, Simon Cook.
Incarnation (2022)DVDNRHorror/Thriller3/15Taye Diggs, Jessica Uberuaga, Michael Madsen - A struggling young couple, chasing the American dream, realizes their worst nightmare when they discover a demonic spirit in their new home. Soon they discover that getting rich can come at a hefty price.
John and the Hole (2021)DVDRDrama/Horror/Thriller3/15Pamela Jayne Morgan, Charlie Shotwell, Michael C. Hall - A desperate game of survival unfolds after 13-year-old John traps his family in a hole in the ground in this unsettling psychological thriller. 3 wins & 6 nominations for Director Pascual Sisto, including "Directors to Watch" at the Palm Springs International Film Festival
Josep (2020) (France, Spain, Belgium)DVDNRAnimmation/Biography/Drama3/15Sergi Lopez, Emmanuel Vottero, Xavier Serrano - A dying gendarme remembers his encounter with Catalan artist Josep Bartolí in a French concentration camp after the Spanish Civil War. 12 wins & 9 nominations at 13 international film festivals
Project 'Gemini' (2022) (Russia)DVDNRHorror/Sc-Fi/Thriller3/15Dmitriy Frid, Josh Petersdorf, River Kanoff - After centuries of destroying Earth's resources, mankind's last chance at survival is colonizing in outerspace. Unfortunately, something truly terrifying & unimaginable is watching, lying in wait for the unwary human scouts.
Red Rocket (2021)DVDRComedy/Drama3/15Simon Rex, Bree Elrod, Brenda Deiss - The audacious new film from writer-director Sean Baker (The Florida Project, Tangerine), starring Simon Rex in a magnetic, live-wire performance, Red Rocket is a darkly funny and humane portrait of a uniquely American hustler and a hometown that barely tolerates him. 7 wins & 33 nominations at dozens of film festivals and from various critics associations
Rifkin's Festival (2020)DVDPG-13Comedy/Romance3/15Wallace Shawn, Gina Gershon, Louis Garrel - A married American couple go to the San Sebastian Festival and get caught up in the magic of the event, the beauty and charm of the city and the fantasy of movies. Written and directed by Woody Allen
Sin Eater (2022)DVDNRHorror/Thriller3/15Jessie Nerud, Danny Bohnen, Bill Moseley - When a woman on the run from her past suffers a terrifying injury, she becomes stranded in a town with a dark secret. As bizarre phenomena intensify and with no one to trust, she'll have to face her inner demons before a real one takes her soul.
A Tale of Two Guns (2022)DVDNRWestern3/15Tom Berenger, Casper Van Dien, Ed Morrone - In the lawless West, a notorious brotherhood of killers and thieves reigned over the land with brutal fists and fast guns. Fate had finally caught up with them and now the merciless gang has but a single surviving member. When a deputized gunslinger takes up the call to hunt down the last Cowboy, the chase is on and the bullets fly, and only one of these hardened men can survive.
The Whaler Boy (2020) (Russia, Poland, Belgium)DVDNRDrama/Foreign3/15Vladimir Onokhov, Kristina Asmus, Vladimir Lyubimtsev - Fifteen-year-old Leshka lives in an isolated village on the Bering Strait. Like most men where he lives, he is a whale hunter. When internet arrives in the village, Leshka becomes infatuated with a webcam model from America - so far away and yet almost close enough to see across the waters of the Strait. Coming of age in the male-dominated whaling community, Leshka's encounter with this mysterious woman awakens in him a desire to find love outside of the confines of his tiny world. He becomes determined to meet her in real life, setting forth on a dangerous adventure across the raging waters of the sea. Featuring stunning photography of the dramatic landscape, and punctuated by off-kilter humor, "there's an almost fable-like simplicity to this atmospheric coming of age story" (Screen Daily) about the division between two worlds. 14 wins & 19 nominations at 20 international film festivals
West Side Story (2021)DVDPG-13Crime/Drama/Musical3/15Ansel Elgort, Rachel Zegler, Ariana DeBose - An adaptation of the 1957 musical, West Side Story explores forbidden love and the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Nominated for 7 Oscars; 44 wins & 259 nominations total

New Titles – March 8th

Agnes (2021)DVDNRDrama/Horror3/8Molly C. Quinn, Sean Gunn, Chris Sullivan - A nun's disturbing behavior sparks rumors of demonic possession at a remote convent. When a priest-in-waiting and his disillusioned mentor are sent to investigate, their methods backfire, leaving a wake of terror and trauma.
Coming 2 America (2021)BLU/DVDPG-13Comedy3/8Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley - The African monarch Akeem learns he has a long-lost son in the United States and must return to America to meet this unexpected heir and build a relationship with his son. Nominated for 1 Oscar; 1 win & 14 nominations total
Dalgliesh: Season 1 (2021) (UK)DVDNRCrime/Drama/Mystery/UK TV Series3/8Bertie Carvel, Carlyss Peer, Jeremy Irvine - Crime drama based on PD James' best-selling novels about Inspector Adam Dalgliesh.
Invincible (2020)DVDNRAction3/8Johnny Strong, Marko Zaror, Vladimir Kulich - Colonel John Taylor enlists billionaire inventor Leor Teska to fund a secret black site, testing Teska's new nano technology for military applications, developed by scientists. When one of the test subjects, Brock Cortez, escapes, Teska's head of security, Cam Devore is given the dangerous task of tracking him down.
The Matrix Resurrections (2021)4KUHD/BLU/DVDRAction/Sci-Fi3/8Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II - Return to a world of two realities: one, everyday life; the other, what lies behind it. To find out if his reality is a construct, to truly know himself, Mr. Anderson will have to choose to follow the white rabbit once more. Nominated for 1 BAFTA Film Award; 1 win & 29 nominations total
National Champions (2021)DVDRDrama/Sport3/8Stephan James, J.K. Simmon, Alexander Ludwig - Follows star quarterback who ignites a players strike hours before the biggest game of the year in order to fight for fair compensation, equality and respect for the student-athletes.
The Nowhere Inn (2020)DVDNRComedy/Drama/Horror3/8Annie Clark, St. Vincent, Ezra Buzzington - St. Vincent sets out to make a documentary about her music, but when she hires a close friend to direct, notions of reality, identity, and authenticity grow increasingly distorted and bizarre.
Red Ghost: Nazi Hunter (2020) (Russia)DVDNRDrama/History/Horror/War3/8Wolfgang Cerny, Aleksey Shevchenkov, Yuriy Borisov - Vyazma, USSR. WWII, 1941. A mythical lone-wolf fighter, known as The Red Ghost, roams the Russian forests sniping and killing Nazis one by one. He's so destructive that a special unit of the Nazis' Wehrmacht is ordered to search for and kill him. Simultaneously, a band of Soviet soldiers behind enemy lines trudge through the snow, hopeful to find safety, warmth and vodka. Instead, they find themselves trapped at a farm and surrounded by the Wehrmacht unit against whom they must fight to the death - but not without the help of The Red Ghost.
Silent Night (2021) (UK)DVDNRComedy/Drama3/8Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Roman Griffin Davis - Nell, Simon, and their son Art are ready to welcome friends and family for what promises to be a perfect Christmas gathering. Perfect except for one thing: everyone is going to die. Winner of Best Screenplay and Grand Audience Award at the Catalonian International Film Festival
A Writer's Odyssey (2021) (China)BLU/DVDNRAction/Adventure/Fantasy3/8Jiayin Lei, Mi Yang, Zijian Dong - After the disappearance of his daughter, Guan Ning has descended into despair. With nothing left to lose in his life, he is approached by a powerful corporation who hires him for a dark taskto kill the young author of a fantasy novel. But the author's work is no ordinary bookfor its fantastic world is somehow impacting and merging with the real one. Guan's journey into this realm uncovers hidden secretsand reveals the transformative power of art and imagination.
Yellowstone: Season 4 (2021)DVDTV-MADrama/Western/TV Series3/8Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly - A ranching family in Montana faces off against others encroaching on their land. Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy; 3 wins & 16 nominations total.

New Titles – March 1st

Belfast (2021) (UK)BLU/DVDPG-13Biography/Drama/History3/1Caitriona Balfe, Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan - Written and directed by Academy Award nominee Kenneth Branagh, Belfast is a poignant story of love, laughter and loss in one boy's childhood, amid the music and social tumult of the late 1960s. Buddy's family lives in a largely Protestant district with a few Catholic families but one day his community and everything he thought he understood about life is suddenly turned upside down. Buddy's family gets caught in the mayhem and must decide to stay or leave the only place they have ever called home. Through it all, his passionate parents (Caitrona Balfe and Jamie Dornan) and quick-witted grandparents (Academy Award-winner Judy Dench and Ciarn Hinds) keep the joy alive through music and the magic of movies in this feel-good story that reminds us that no matter how far you go, you never forget where you came from. Nominated for 7 Oscars; 38 wins & 230 nominations total
Breaking Bread (2020) (USA, Israel)DVDNRDocumentary3/1Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel - the first Muslim Arab to win Israel's MasterChef - is on a quest to make social change through food. And so, she founded the A-sham Arabic Food Festival, where pairs of Arab and Jewish chefs collaborate on exotic dishes like kishek (a Syrian yogurt soup), and qatayef (a dessert typically served during Ramadan). A film about hope, synergy and mouthwatering fare, Breaking Bread illustrates what happens when people focus on the person, rather than her religion; on the public, rather than the politicians.
The King's Man (2021) (UK, USA)4KUHD/BLU/DVDRAction/Adventure/Thriller3/1Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Harris Dickinson - In the early years of the 20th century, the Kingsman agency is formed to stand against a cabal plotting a war to wipe out millions.
Manhunt: Series 2 - The Night Stalker (2020) (UK)DVDTV-14Biography/Crime/Drama/UK TV Series3/1Martin Clunes, Claudie Blakley, Matthew Gravelle - Fresh off his success catching a headline-grabbing killer, DCI Colin Sutton is asked to review the long-running inquiry into a notorious serial rapist, who terrorized southeast London over 17 years. Sutton applies his signature methodical approach to the case in the hopes of finally catching the offender.
The Pilot: A Battle for Survival (2021) (Russia)DVDNRBiography/Drama/History3/1Pyotr Fyodorov, Anna Peskova, Pavel Osadchy - December of 1941, Northwestern Front. A German tank column is moving towards Moscow. During a mission to stop the enemy advance, Nikolai Komlev's IL-2 is shot down. Komlev manages to crash-land his plane in a remote forest clearing. He's alive, but far from friendly territory. Ahead of him is a relentless trial of severe physical and mental endurance. After battling hunger and extreme cold, evading packs of wolves and detachments of Nazi soldiers, the wounded Komlev finally makes it back to safety. But there he faces another challenge, the most life-changing of them all.
Potato Dreams of America (2021)DVDUnratedBiography/Comedy/Drama/LGBTQ3/1Jonathan Bennett, Lea DeLaria, Lauren Tewes - An autobiographical dark comedy about a gay boy growing up in the Soviet Union, his mail-order bride mother and their adventurous escape to America. 4 wins & 3 nominations at international film festivals
Chronicle Mysteries: 3-Movie Collection (2019)DVDNRCrime/Drama/Mystery3/1Alison Sweeney, Benjamin Ayres, Dave Collette - A podcast host becomes interested in a cold-case disappearance, mostly because she and the victim had grown up together in their small town.
Taking the Reins (2021)DVDTV-GComedy/Drama/Romance3/1Nikki Deloach, Scott Porter, Janine Turner - A writer discovers what ended her marriage and why she stopped riding horses after going back to her family ranch.
The 355 (2022)BLU/DVDPG-13Action/Thriller3/1Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Bingbing Fan - When a top-secret weapon falls into mercenary hands, a wild card CIA agent joins forces with three international agents on a lethal mission to retrieve it, while staying a step ahead of a mysterious woman who's tracking their every move.