“Hey Joe Video, what’s been happening? When are you guys going to reopen? We miss you!”

Well we certainly do miss you as well!

Here’s a short timeline to explain where we’re at:

March 20th: The stay-at-home order was issued by the County’s Public Health Officer

March 21st to April 28th: With a substantially reduced team working to handle returns, disc repair, and phone calls during limited hours, we made sure there was someone for customers to talk to concerning their rental requests, sale special orders, and when we might be open again. As it became clear that business wouldn’t be returning to normal anytime soon, work was started towards making merchandising improvements throughout the store, getting more sale offerings listed on our Amazon store, and making plans to offer curbside pickup as well as other options our customers could use to do business with us during “the shutdown.” Our plan includes getting our titles list online for selection browsing, offering various rental and sale options, and of course instituting measures to help everyone stay safe and healthy.

April 29th: As posted on our Facebook page: “As if there hasn’t been enough business interruption lately… the back of the building where Joe Video resides caught on fire last night. From the fire department’s tweet: “Structure Fire, 419 Stony Point Rd at @ 12:30am this morning. Fire started in homeless encampments in exterior electrical enclosure. Fire spread into wall. 3 businesses impacted due to electrical damage, loss of power and structural damage. Damage approx $50k. No injuries.” Fortunately, the only damage to the inside of the store was heavy smoke. Unfortunately, our store and the offices above us lost power due to the fire destroying our exterior electrical panel.

May 8th: This is the last day of cleaning for the smoke damage crew from Servpro and it has already dramatically improved the air quality in the store. We are still waiting for repairs to be completed on our exterior electrical box. Once the city conducts its inspection and PG&E hooks us back up to the service lines, we will be ready to offer curbside pickup, in-store browsing by appointment only, and home delivery for people over 65 who have underlying health or mobility issues and reside within a 10-mile radius of the store.

May 13th or 14th: We hope to have our lights on, our phone ready for calls, our website bursting with selection choices and shopping options, and our wonderful customers engaging with us again! If you would like a call or an email to confirm the store is “open” again, please click here.

Looking very much forward to seeing you again!

The Joe Video Team