After Yang (2021)DVDPGDrama/Sci-Fi6/21Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Justin H. Min - When his young daughter's beloved companion an android named Yang malfunctions, Jake searches for a way to repair him. In the process, Jake discovers the life that has been passing in front of him, reconnecting with his wife and daughter across a distance he didn't know was there.
All Those Small Things (2021)DVDNRDrama6/21James Faulkner, Kerry Knuppe, Aaron Dalla Villa - Long time British game show host, Jonathan Robbins, finds himself questioning his mortality and legacy after the recent death of a close friend. When he comes across an unexpected letter from a young fan, he heads into the backwoods of America in search of deeper meaning for his life.
The Bad Guys (2022)BLU/DVDPGAnimation/Adventure/Comedy6/21Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Awkwafina - After a lifetime of legendary heists, notorious criminals Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, Mr. Shark and Ms. Tarantula are finally caught. To avoid a prison sentence, the animal outlaws must pull off their most challenging con yet -- becoming model citizens. Under the tutelage of their mentor, Professor Marmalade, the dubious gang sets out to fool the world that they're turning good.
The Cellar (2022) (Ireland, Belgium, USA)DVDNRHorror6/21Elisha Cuthbert, Eoin Macken, Dylan Fitzmaurice Brady - Keira Woods' daughter mysteriously vanishes in the cellar of their new house. She soon discovers there is an ancient and powerful entity controlling their home that she will have to face or risk losing her family's souls forever.
Escape the Field (2022)DVDRThriller6/21Jordan Claire Robbins, Theo Rossi, Tahirah Sharif - The fear is inescapable and the suspense nonstop in this gripping horror-thriller about six strangers who suddenly awaken in a remote, endless cornfield. Stripped of their possessions, they are left with only six items: a gun with a single bullet, matches, a lantern, a knife, a compass, and a flask of water. As mysterious sirens blare in the distance and traps appear at every turn, the group realizes it's been plunged into a cat-and-mouse game with an unseen evil, and survival depends upon solving a diabolical and deadly puzzle.
Hit the Road (2021) (Iran)DVDNRDrama/Foreign6/21Pantea Panahiha, Hasan Majuni, Rayan Sarlak - Follows a chaotic, tender family that is on a road trip across a rugged landscape and fussing over the sick dog and getting on each others' nerves. Only the mysterious older brother is quiet. 8 wins & 10 nominations at 14 international film festivals.
Ip Man: The Awakening (2022) (China)DVDNRDrama/Action/Martial Arts6/21Miu Tse, Chen Guan Ying, Zhao Yu Xuan - While visiting Hong Kong, a young Master Ip intervenes in a kidnapping attempt, unintentionally igniting a turf war with a ruthless human trafficking ring. In retaliation, the gang kidnaps one of Ip Man’s close friends, leaving him with no choice but to challenge the group’s notoriously brutal boxing champion head-on.
La Fortuna: Season One (2021) (Spain)DVDNRAdventure/Thriller/Spanish TV Series6/21Stanley Tucci, Alvaro Mel, Ana Polvorosa - Alex Ventura, a young and inexperienced diplomat, has inadvertently become the leader of a mission that will test all of his convictions: to recover the undersea treasure stolen by adventurer Frank Wild.
The Last Victim (2021)DVDNRAction/Crime/Thriller6/21Ali Larter, Ron Perlman, Ralph Ineson - The Last Victim is a Neo Western thriller set in the American southwest, following Sheriff Hickey trying to solve the worst case he has seen in his small town, likely caused by a violent local gang led by a fearsome criminal.
Mosquito State (2020) (Poland, USA)DVDNRDrama/Horror/Thriller6/21Beau Knapp, Charlotte Vega, Jack Kesy - Wall Street data analyst Richard Boca sees ominous patterns: His computer models are behaving erratically, as are the swarms of mosquitos breeding in his apartment, an infestation that attends his psychological meltdown. 8 wins & 11 nominations at a dozen international film festivals.
Saturday Fiction (2019) (China)DVDNRDrama/History/Foreign6/21Gong Li, Mark Chao, Pascal Gregory - Yu Jin is working undercover gathering intelligence for the Allies. 8 wins & 17 nominations at 9 international film festivals.
Strawberry Mansion (2021)DVDNRAdventure/Comedy/Drama6/21Kentucker Audley, Albert Birney, Ephraim Birney - In a future where the government records dreams and taxes them, a dream auditor gets caught up in the dreams of an aging eccentric. 2 wins & 7 nominations at 8 international film festivals, including a nomination for NEXT Innovator Award at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.
The Truth Will Out: Series 2 (2021) (Sweden)DVDTV-14Crime/Drama/Mystery/Swedish TV Series6/21Robert Gustafsson, Louise Peterhoff, Ia Langhammer - After a long sick leave and recovery police detective Peter Wendel is back on duty. He is commissioned to form a new team to reopen unresolved murder cases, however he soon finds himself with a rather third rank and conflicting staff. Soon they are in the center of a new case. An unknown murderer claims that Sweden's most infamous murderer is a fraud - that he never committed the murders he's jailed for. High reaching implications are to be exposed, involving even the Swedish government.
The Umbrella academy: Season Two (2021)DVDTV-14Action/Adventure/Comedy/TV Series6/21Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, David Castaneda - A family of former child heroes, now grown apart, must reunite to continue to protect the world. 10 wins & 46 nominations from dozens of North American critics associations and awards organizations.
Wood and Water (2021) (Germany)DVDNRDrama/Foreign6/21Lena Ackermann, Anke Bak, Theresa Bak - As she enters retirement, a mother leaves behind her solitary life in rural Germany and memories of a once perfect family life and travels to protest-ridden Hong Kong, a place that has kept her son away from her for many years. 4 wins & 12 nominations at 10 international film festivals.
You Are Not My Mother (2021) (Ireland)DVDNRDrama/Horror6/21Hazel Doupe, Carolyn Bracken, Paul Reid - In a North Dublin housing estate Char's mother goes missing. When she returns Char is determined to uncover the truth of her disappearance and unearth the dark secrets of her family.