Attack of the Unknown (2020)DVDNRAction/Horror/Sci-Fi10/27Tara Reid, Robert LaSardo, Richard Grieco - A SWAT team transporting a vicious crime syndicate boss must fight their way out of a county detention center during a catastrophic alien invasion.
Babylon Berlin: Seasons 1 & 2 (Germany)DVDTV-MACrime/Drama/Thriller/German TV Series10/27Colognian commissioner Gereon Rath moves to Berlin, the epicenter of political and social changes in the Golden Twenties.
Fatima (2020)DVDPG-13Drama/History/Inspirational10/27Based on historical events, three young shepherds in Fátima, Portugal, report visions of the Virgin Mary, inspiring believers and angering officials of the Church and the government, who try to force them to recant their story.
Fishbowl (2018)DVDNRDrama10/27In a small town filled with secrets, three sisters are forced to cling to each other as they cope with loss and a father who's growing increasingly obsessed with the rapture he thinks is coming.
Friendsgiving (2020)DVDRComedy/Drama10/27Molly and Abbey, along with their crew of close friends and acquaintances, host a dysfunctional, comical and chaotic Thanksgiving dinner.
Halloween Party (2019)DVDNRHorror10/27A college student unwittingly releases terrifying entities from her school's past via a Halloween themed computer meme.
Hidden: Series 2 (UK)DVDNRCrime/Drama/Mystery/British10/27The eight-part drama, filmed in Snowdonia, tells the story of detective DI Cadi John (Sian Reese-Williams), who returns to North Wales to care for her ailing father. However, when the body of a young woman is found in a local river, it becomes obvious that sinister secrets lie within the stunning North Wales scenery. Cadi's world - and the world around her - is changed forever.
Impossible to Imagine (Japan)DVDNRForeign/Drama/Romance10/27The story of a traditional, Kyoto woman who runs a failing, kimono business and the biracial entrepreneur who comes to help keep it solvent. Along the way they fall in love but his need for change clashes with her desire for the world to stay the same.
The Ipcress File (1965) (UK)DVDNRSpies/Thriller10/27Michael Caine, Nigel Green, Guy Doleman - In London, a counter espionage Agent deals with his own bureaucracy while investigating the kidnapping and brainwashing of British scientists.
Papicha (France, Algeria, Belgium, Qatar)DVDNRForeign/Drama10/27Algiers, 1997. Terrorists wanting an Islamic and archaic state are everywhere. Women are oppressed, and they seek to take control of their bodies, clothing and public space. Young student Nedjma is passionate about making a fashion show.
The Plot Against AmericaDVDTV-MADrama/Thriller/TV Miniseries10/27Winona Ryder, Anthony Boyle, Zoe Kazan - Characters live in an alternative history in which Franklin D. Roosevelt was defeated in the U.S. presidential election of 1940 by Charles Lindbergh. Based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name by Philip Roth.
Rapture in BlueDVDNRDrama/Thriller/LGBT10/27Pressured to satisfy his girlfriend's desires, an anxious young man begins to struggle with both his sexuality and his sanity after meeting the insidious new boy who has moved into his childhood home.
The Secret Ways (1961)DVDNRAdventure/History/Mystery10/27During the 1956 Hungarian uprising, an American mercenary is hired to smuggle a Hungarian resistance leader out of Soviet-occupied Budapest.
Teacher Shortage (2020)DVDNRHorror10/27What is supposed to be an educational and collaborative weekend professional development session for the English Department of Prescott High School instead turns into a blood soaked nightmare when a masked killer targets them.
Victims (2012) (France)DVDNRForeign/Thriller10/27Francis is a lonely, shadowy young man who wants to find a solution to his problems and decides to see a psychiatrist. Session after session, Vincent finds out that his quiet, sensible-looking patient could become violent and dangerous.
Wolfman's Got NardsDVDNRDocumentary10/27Explores the relationship a dedicated audience (including celebrities and filmmakers) has with The Monster Squad. This documentary takes an in-depth look into the film's conception, response, cult status, and revival.