Alice Sweet Alice (1976)DVDRCrime/Drama/Horror9/15In 1961, a divorced catholic couple's life is turned upside down when one of their two adolescent daughters is suspected of her younger sister's brutal murder during her First Communion, and a series of subsequent stabbings.
BeckyDVDRAction/Drama/Horror9/15Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, Joel McHale - A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her family takes a turn for the worse when a group of escaped convicts wreak havoc on their lives. Little do they know that sweet Becky isnt your average teenager and will wage a war of equals in outsmarting and ultimately becoming a killing machine for any chance of survival.
The Bee-eaters (UK)DVDNRDrama9/15Peter is socially awkward young man, whose only responsibility is to walk his nine-year old-neighbour home from school - over the heaths and green hills of rural England. As he makes a new friend in an aging birdwatcher, Peter finds himself ensnared in a knot he cannot un-tangle.
Boy On the Bridge (Cyprus)DVDNRForeign/Drama9/15In a seemingly idyllic Cypriot village, twelve-year-old Socrates' careless summer days of riding his bike and tantalizing the local residents come to an abrupt end when he finds himself at the center of a murder investigation, which exposes a dark family secret and changes his life forever.
Christabel (Brazil)DVDNRForeign/Fantasy9/15A new look on the poem "Christabel" (1816), by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The only daughter of a rural worker, Christabel finds Geraldine, a mysterious woman, who says she's been attacked by men and needs help. Pure and innocent Christabel gives shelter to Geraldine at home. From then on, the two women relate to each other in a way that Geraldine has a great influence over Christabel, destabilizing her convictions and promoting tradition rupture, but that sparks a feeling of passion and freedom never experienced by the young girl before.
Death of a VloggerDVDNRDrama/Horror/Mystery9/15An ambitious vlogger experiences the dark side of the internet when his latest video, which features an alleged haunting, goes viral.
The Debt of MaximillianDVDNRDrama/Thriller9/15Max is a family man who's addiction begins to pull him under. His younger brother may be his only hope, but luck plays a wicked game.
Earth (Erde) (Austria)DVDNRDocumentary9/15Several billion tons of earth are moved annually by humans - with shovels, excavators and dynamite. 'Earth' observes people, in mines, quarries and large construction sites, engaged in a constant struggle to take possession of the planet.
Easy Does ItDVDNRAdventure/Comedy/Crime9/15Linda Hamilton, Bryan Batt, Ben Matheny - Two best friends and their accidental hostage careen across the 1970s American South on a treasure hunt turned crime spree.
Evil Takes Root: The Curse of the BatibatDVDNRHorror/Thriller9/15A paranormal investigator arrives in a sleepy Midwest town to investigate the mysterious loss of his old lover and reconcile sins of the past. He discovers she fell victim to the Batibat, an ancient evil that followed her home from the Philippines.
Extreme NumberDVDNRTrue Tales/History/War9/15A young refugee from Chechnya comes to Germany and is thrown into prison in Berlin. He then joins a terrorist group in Berlin that gives him a very special order. Authentic war documentation is embedded in the film as the Chechen protagonist's flashbacks. This is real coverage of war, 1996 - 2000 in Chechnya, the decimation of a group of young men surrounding Shamil Basayev, who was at the time the most wanted terrorist in the Russian Federation.
Fear PHarmDVDNRHorror9/15Four people enter a corn maze for Halloween and are picked off one by one by the twisted family who own the scare attraction.
Freedom Road (1979)DVDNRDrama9/15Muhammad Ali, Kris Kristofferson - A former slave Gideon Jackson, after fighting in the civil war returns home as a free man and becomes a U.S. senator. Will he ever achieve real equality with his former white master?
Guilt (2020)DVDNRThriller9/15Angered by all the child abuse in the world, a former child psychologist goes vigilante, targeting child sex offenders. However, disturbing revelations about a former case cause her to question whether shes gone too far.
IdledDVDNRDrama9/15From young adults to still growing up, we take a ride through Val's memories of Mickey as he makes his way to see his brother. An atypical exploration of the nuances of various stages in a relationship. Every ending has its middle.
Killer TherapyDVDNRHorror9/15A mentally unstable young man goes on a mission to hunt down and murder all the therapists he blames for messing up his mind and his life.
Killing Eve: Season 3DVDTV-14Action/Adventure/Drama/TV9/15After a series of events, the lives of a security operative and an assassin become inextricably linked.
The Last ReefDVDNRDocumentary/Nature9/15Fly across iridescent tropical reefs. Brush through a cloud of countless jellyfish. Visit an alien world where the closer you look, the more you see. We think of reefs as exotic, distant places with little connection to our everyday world. Yet each of them is a hotspot of biodiversity, as vital to life on earth as the rainforests.
Lift (2018)DVDNRComedy9/15With the help of his conscience Jimmy, the unlikely hero, Misha, finds the strength to overcome his ego and earn money using a ride sharing app called LIFT that sets him on an ethereal journey where he'll rediscover himself, find true love and finally realize his dream.
Luz: The Flower of Evil (Columbia)DVDNRForeign/Fantasy/Western9/15Far into the mountains, in a community led by a preacher named El Señor, a new child who is supposed to be the new messiah, is brought, and with him destruction and redemption. Soon, everything will change.
No Petrol No Diesel! (2009) (New Zealand)DVDNRComedy/Drama9/15Why is one of the world's biggest corporations trying to buy a dowdy little backwater petrol station? Rex Devlin wouldn't sell Devlin Motors and now all of a sudden, he's dead.
Not That FunnyDVDNRComedy/Romance9/15A love story about a woman who "just wants someone who makes her laugh" and a man who is not that funny. As he tries to learn how to be the man she says she wants, they each find an unexpected chance at happiness.
Outlander: Season 5DVDTV-MADrama/Fantasy/Romance/TV9/15An English combat nurse from 1945 is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743.
The Outpost: Season 2DVDTV-14Action/Fantasy/TV9/15Talon, the lone survivor of the Blackbloods, sets off to track her family's killers, and discovers her supernatural powers, which she must learn to harness.
Proud (Fiertes) (France)DVDNRForeign/Drama/LGBT9/15A three part mini series about a French family spanning the generations, with each episode coinciding with a crucial moment for gay rights in France.
ReapDVDNRHorror9/15When an unexpected visitor turns up at a house party and informs the guests that they are destined to die that very night, the doomed revelers must find replacements to take their slots.
Rewind: Special EditionDVDNRDocumentary/Drama9/15Digging through the vast collection of his father's home videos, a young man reconstructs the unthinkable story of his boyhood and exposes vile abuse passed through generations.
Storm Riders (South Africa)DVDNRForeign/History9/15South African wilderness 1800's. Five years after their mother died, Rachel, a girl on the cusp of adolescence and 5-year-old Jamie find themselves on their way to the virgin gold fields with their father, Herman, as he tries to start a new life. When Jamie goes missing in a freak snow blizzard, Rachel braves the storm to look for her little brother.
Succesion: Season 2DVDTV-MADrama/TV9/15Succession follows a dysfunctional American global-media family.
This World Won't Break (2019)DVDNRDrama/Musical9/15A broke-down middle aged Texas troubadour yearns to be remembered like the southern bluesmen before him, but his failings and self-doubt forestall his musical dreams and blind him to the open road.
Tommaso (2019) (Italy, UK, USA, France)DVDNRForeign/Drama9/15Cristina Chiriac, Willem Dafoe, Anna Ferrara - The story of an American artist living in Rome with his young European wife Nikki and their 3-year-old daughter, Dee Dee.
Trauma TherapyDVDTV-MAThriller9/15A group of broken souls attend a self-help seminar at a remote wooded retreat with a famous guru. But as their group therapy sessions become increasingly volatile - including lie detectors, fire arms, and experimental drugs - they begin to question the methods in spite of the results. What is their guru's real goal, and will his reckless pursuit of life change moments end up saving them...or destroying them?
Weathering with YouBLU/DVDPG-13Animation/Drama/Family9/15A high-school boy who has run away to Tokyo befriends a girl who appears to be able to manipulate the weather.
Wish Upon a UnicornDVDPGFamily9/15Two sisters and their father move from the city to the country to live with their grandmother. On her farm, they miraculously discover and befriend a baby unicorn named Rocco.